Writing a conceptual framework

Major Causes of Credit Risk Wiley, Writing a conceptual framework risk is caused by several factors which can categorically be divided into two, the systematic risk and unsystematic risk.

It can be presented in the form of; flow diagrams, tree diagrams, mind maps or even shape based diagrams. Examples are working capital loan, term loan, and lease financing. However, in some instances, low credit-high risk and high credit-low risk relationships may apply due to several internal and external factors.

In diversification, the banks accommodate different types of borrowers to spread the risk and avoid concentration of credit risk default and problems. Minors, undischarged insolvent and mentally incapacitated are just a few who are not allowed to obtain credit from financial institutions.

Various measures include liquidity, solvency, efficient and repayment capacity, and other financial parameters are used by the lenders.

Third step is to know the capacity of the borrower. Fifth step is to analyze the financial status of the borrower. However, the position of conceptual framework within Qualitative and Quantitative Research varies. The structure must suit the intended purpose of the credit.

For example, socio-political risks such as military coup, newly approved government policies and programs, wars, terrorism, international isolation, economic risks such as increase bankruptcies, decline in stock markets due to lower corporate profits, recession, growing unemployment, and other exogenous risks which impact all in the playground or the economy as a whole.

The two main elements are; Experiential Knowledge: The shorter the term of the credit, the more its repayment capacity is predictable. Take one key variable and then brainstorm all the possible things related to the key variable.

The lender should have reasonable assurance that the borrower has the ability to pay when its obligations fall due. In such a situation, existing theories can be misleading and therefore the conceptual framework emerges after the research is complete.

Identify the key variables used in the subject area of your study. However, here I should point out that researchers generally have an idea of what will feature in the study which could be treated as a tentative framework which would give an idea, however can be changed over the period of time. Fourth step is to assess whether there is a necessity to demand a security from the borrower.

Theoretical and Conceptual Framework Essay Sample

In selection, good risk assessment models and good credit officers are necessary in order to have the best selection strategy. If writing a conceptual framework bank is larger, the credit risk is more likely to be highly diversified.

Division of Credit Risk Wiley, Credit risk refers to the probability of the loss emanating from the credit extended as a result of the non-fulfilment of contractual obligations arising from unwillingness or inability of the counterparty or for any other reason.

The necessary profitability ratios to be considered are operating margin, profit margin, return on total assets, basic earning power ratio and return on equity, all based on the core business of the commercial banks which is the credit business.

Based on the policies implemented, each unit also has its own strategy in credit-granting activities, taking into consideration the risk-reward trade-off of each granted loan. However, in case of qualitative research inductive position is applicable wherein the researcher seeks to build up theory.

The last block entails the implementation of a proper scheme of delegation of powers checks and balances and the creation of a powerful Management Information Systems. All of these shall be maintained by the Board of Directors of each bank and the ad hoc committees created by each.

If the counterpart is riskier, the system of credit limit will be more restricted. Second is the portfolio credit risk which focuses on credit exposure on a group of borrowers. This division will further facilitate understanding and management of credit risk.

Another type is non-funded lines wherein no funds are provided. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. In case of quantitative research, the researcher defines the research problem and key variables which will be used to resolve the problem.

The study of credit risk can be divided into two. Another is loan, a debit balance on loans account for a fixed amount for a fixed period of time; it can be short or long-term.Conceptual (Theoretical) Framework zConceptual frameworks attempt to connect to all aspects of inquiry (e.g., problem definition, purpose, literature Writing a Conceptual Framework zBegin with an introductory paragraph introducing the elements of the conceptual framework.

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hi! im just a student, and one of my pfoject is a thesis. im done writing my conceptual framework, I consult other teachers to know their opinion and ideas about my topic (Relationship between 4ps program and the academic performance of 4ps grantees in Essu Salcedo Campus) they say that my conceptual framework is ok, but my adviser told me that.

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Developing conceptual framework in a research paper

Essay and coursework writing service by experienced and highly qualified writers. Developing conceptual framework in a research paper. The Conceptual Framework. College of Education. Alabama State University; Corvellec, Hervé, ed. When writing and revising this part of your research paper, keep in mind the following: Clearly describe the framework, concepts, models, or specific theories that underpin your study.

This includes noting who the key theorists are in the field. The theoretical framework section is typically required for quantitative studies, while a conceptual framework is used in qualitative studies. Once you have identified the theory or theories that you will be utilizing, it is important to know what information to include and how to include it in your discussion.

Writing a conceptual framework
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