Write a letter to your favorite teacher

Lily has a good knowledge of other subjects also.

An Open Letter to My Favorite Teacher

This year both my Mom and my Granny arrived with an article from the News Enterprise because they knew it would be important to me. She is an ideal teacher. Recently, my favorite teacher, Preston Bailey, retired from teaching calculus which was also one of my favorite subjects at Elizabethtown High School.

You always seemed to know the best way to handle difficult situations, and you were eager to help students in any way you possibly could. This letter is dedicated to Teri Zappala, my write a letter to your favorite teacher social studies teacher who eventually became a close part of my family.

Maybe it was nerdy outside of your walls to be good at calculus, but inside your walls it was cool. Perhaps because I saw you more than the average teacher who I would have encountered for only one year of classes I have told myself that you were my favorite teacher.

Her name is Ms. Each one teaches us different subjects. You made us feel like we were a priority to you and our class was a priority and you took us seriously, so we took you seriously. I know I would not have been as successful in my career had it not been for my ability to understand mathematical mostly financial and economic issues and be able to communicate and document those issues in writing!

By acknowledging my intelligence, creativity, ability, and personality, you showed me that I was really worth something even when I felt absolutely worthless.

Lily is a science teacher. I had geometry with you during my sophomore yearpre-calculus my junior year and AP Calculus my senior year You did it in a professional way that made us feel like we were years ahead of where we actually were in life.

I think I was embarrassed mostly because that portfolio was hand written in pencil on notebook paper. Thank you for each late night you spent working, unpaid, not sleeping to get things done to better my educational experience. He was the best, and I wish him well in his retirement.

I know you had an impact on many, many others, but I just wanted you to know how special my time in your class was to me, and what an influence you had on me and my professional career. Just to remind you, I was in class with you for three consecutive years during my high school career.

You always knew what to do or say, even when it came to problems with parents. Bailey, A couple weekends ago I hosted an annual bridge tournament that I have hosted for several years. Later, I got fancy and had my equations included and typed up on a computer - my how times have changed!

Thank you for spending extra time with me so that I could understand not only the material in your class, but myself better.An Open Thank You Letter To Your Favorite Teacher You know the one who would blow things up on chemistry?

Alicia Williams Alicia Williams Nov 2, views. views. comments. Everyone has someone in their life that has made an impact on who they are, whether it is a parent, coach, sibling, or teacher.

Write a professional email. Essay on My Favourite Teacher She is an ideal teacher and provides the students with a good role model. I love her the most and hope to be like her one day. Related Articles: words sample essay on the climate of India; Short Essay on the Dresses and Ornaments in Ancient India.

Your Favorite Teacher. A teacher is an asset to a country. I have come across many teachers in my student life. Of them all, Mr. Alam is my favorite teacher. Hopefully, your favorite student.

This letter is dedicated to Teri Zappala, my favorite social studies teacher who eventually became a close part of my family.

A Letter to My Favorite Teacher

I. To show you how powerful you are, as individuals and as a profession, here are a collection of ‘Thank-You’ letters written by students thanking the teacher who, in his or her inimitable way, changed their lives for the better.

Jul 16,  · GuestI would like to write a thank you letter for my favorite teacher What words would I use to express my appreciation for her hard mi-centre.com also I would like to write our project training teacher.

How can say thanks to my teachers. Feb 20 anonymous; thanks. May 15

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Write a letter to your favorite teacher
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