Travelling broadens your mind

We do not always think of how other get by and travel can help us understand what we dont see on a daily basis.

This grows the brain and keeps it active in a similar way as taking up a new hobby or learning a language. Thus we are benefited Travelling broadens your mind knowledge on social, political, new technology and even rligious beliefs of other people. The more you interact with people leaving your ego behind, the more you become happy.

Moreover, while travelling we confront with various situations like odd and astounding. It can open us to new culture and methods of life we never knew.

Its really a colorful India. You also become able to interact better with other cultures because you are exposed to that. It is important to see and experience understanding of life outside our own. It can help us learn new languages, try new foods, and learn about old traditions and customs.

You are no longer depending on what you already know, but learning from the unknown. These situations teach us much. Go it alone Read more Sharpening your mind is a no-brainer The new and unusual situations we encounter while travelling — whether trying to figure out how to navigate the local metro system, or just to order a meal in an unfamiliar language — help to keep our mind sharp, according to a study commissioned by the U.

Student Answers atyourservice Student It helps open ourselves to new cultures. As you know, India is vast country with many states and they they have their own culture and language. Keep up with the latest on Guardian Students: However, when you travel abroad, you are witness to something entirely different, a brand new language, a new set of people with different cultures, traditions, and religions.

His research found that the more countries people had lived in, the more creative their work tended to be. Inside the country itself it bring us into contact of people various personalities with different view points.

Will international love help your language skills blossom? Secondtravelling abroad provides us with the opportunity to discover different cultures. Nikitha Aithal moved to the UK from India when she was 10 years old, and later worked in Spain for a year as part of her undergraduate language degree at the University of Leeds.

They become happy at rendering service to strangers. Alamy There are lots of opportunities for students to travel: I am of the habit of talking to them and try to know wha they believe and think about different subjects and share.Travel broadens the mind, but can it alter the brain?

Travelling and living abroad can also affect the way we interact with people. Sharpening your mind is a no-brainer. How Travel Broadens The Mind. While travelling, it’s a battle between you vs.

Travel broadens the mind.

time. Fitting as much as humanly possible into a day is a constant test of your organisational skills. Yet, despite all the planning and itineraries, things will go wrong: being lost in a foreign country, unable to understand the language, misplaced baggage.

How Travel Broadens Your Mind. There are so many benefits to traveling. From meeting new people, trying new foods, experiencing new cultures, seeing new sights — travelling gives you experience and perspective.

Perhaps the biggest impact travel has is that it can broaden your mind. Does travelling broaden the mind? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 5 Answers. Quora User, traveller. Answered Aug 21, According to me, travelling is a great way to expand your sphere of thinking.

All of us, in some way or the other, set up limitations, try to keep ourselves away from certain things. Whether or not travel broadens the mind. Travelling broadens your mind because you get the chance to meet peole, learn about differen religions, languages and types of food.

When a number of different ideologies are set before you you. Travel broadens the mind. It could be argued that not all travelling experiences broaden the mind. Brief or mundane trips serve no new or stimulating senses, deeper submersion or integration would unveil the assets.

Travel Is Fun And Broadens The Mind

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Travelling broadens your mind
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