There is much to gain for general arthur currie in the battle of vimy ridge

Battle of Vimy Ridge

These new units were traditionally designated as numbered battalions, for example the 37th Battalion. This was a major victory for the Canadian army and it was the first time that the entire Canadian Corps had fought as one complete unit. Vimy was followed by other Canadian victories, some of them even greater feats of arms.

To underscore the sacrifices made by Canada, which suffered 60, fatalities during the First World War, France granted Canada hectares of land at Vimy to build and maintain a memorial. Though Currie was not a particularly charismatic leader and did not endear himself to the troops on a personal level, he was widely respected for his success on the battlefield and sincere concern for the welfare of the men under his command.

In Victoria the street where Currie lived was renamed Arthur Currie Lane and an on-campus housing building at University of Victoria is named in his honour.

Battle of Vimy Ridge and Sir Arthur William Currie (1875-1933)

Previously, both the British and the French armies had been defeated in their attempts to take the ridge from the Germans. They did NOT carry or use weapons at all.

The Canadians considered activities such as artillery-observation and photography of opposing trench systems, troop movements and gun emplacements essential to continue their offensive.

The battle continues to be celebrated as a remarkablefeat of Canadian arms. Most of the heavily defended ridge was captured by noon. Every man at Vimy knew his task.

The ridge rises gradually on its western side and drops more quickly on the eastern side. Currie was the first Canadian to hold this post.

Formal discussions for a spring offensive near Arras began, following a conference of corps commanders held at the First Army Headquarters on 21 November Fought from April 9 to 12,it consisted of an offensive by the Canadian Corps with significant support by the British 5th Infantry Division and supplementing British artillery and engineers against elements of the German Sixth Army.

These advantages sparked the attention of both the French and the British. A huge set of statues and a memorial wall stands to honour the men who died there. Quite a few had probably been in Canada only a few years.

In October, they moved north to join the Passchendaele campaign. By 30 October, the Canadians, aided by two British divisions, gained the outskirts of the village in a driving rainstorm, and then held on for five days against intense shelling and counter-attacks, often standing waist deep in mud as they fought.

Even tho she was under british rule, ultimately, Canadian troups planned, rehearsed, followed through, and defeated the Germans at Vimy ridge under the command of Canadian officers and officials.

In all, the French suffered approximatelycasualties in their attempts to gain control of Vimy Ridge and surrounding territory.

What was the significance of Vimy Ridge battle?

Only on the far left flank were the Canadians delayed. Over 10, Canadian soldiers were casualties, with 3, men killed and 7, wounded. The whole plan was entirely devised by Canada and was independent of British thoughts. While he remained a prominent Canadian figure in the s, he continued to feel the sting of public accusations and private insinuations that charged that his actions led to unnecessary casualties.

Although the attack was originally conceived as a diversionarytactic for a French offensive at Nivelle, the Canadians took andheld the ridge.

Canadians had done a great thing and, with French and English, First Nations and recent immigrants, they had done it together.

Artillery played a dominant role during the First World War. This decision was made out of desperation, as Currie faced bankruptcy otherwise.Mar 31,  · To commemorate the th anniversary of Battle of Vimy Ridge, Legion Magazine, Canada’s Ultimate Story and William Shatner tell the story of this important F.

Backgrounder for the Battle of Vimy Ridge and Sir Arthur Currie. Skip to main content; Battle of Vimy Ridge and Sir Arthur William Currie () From the high number of casualties suffered by the Canadians in the latter battles of the war led some to charge that Currie was a heartless general who sacrificed his soldiers’ lives.

Hill 70 and Vimy, years later: Read The Globe’s full coverage In a series, The Globe and Mail untangles the mythology around Canada’s war. After Vimy, there was the Battle for Hill General Sir Arthur Currie, who commanded the 1st Canadian Division at Vimy Ridge, on Apr 9 But I'm not.

My name is Cpl Arthur William Jeffrey Currie, Great-grandson of General Sir Arthur Currie. I joined the Canadian Armed Forces in I chose to be an ncm (non commissioned member) by choice.

I would be happy to answer any other. Canadian historians have also been drawn to the battle for Vimy Ridge when There is much to be learned from these commentaries on the evolution of command of Third Army. His successor, Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie, took command of the.


Lieutenant General Sir Arthur Currie in June Nickname(s) "Guts and Gaiters" Born Following the Battle of Vimy Ridge, On the morning of 11 November, as Currie received orders confirming there would be a general armistice at a.m., the capture of Mons was completed.

Buried: Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec.

There is much to gain for general arthur currie in the battle of vimy ridge
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