The importance of love and compassion

Why Compassion Is So Important In Health Care (And What It Looks Like)

Hugo also makes clear that loving others, while difficult, is not always a thankless task, and he uses Valjean and Fauchelevent to show that love begets love, and compassion begets compassion. Everybody wants to be liked, just like I want to be liked.

Did you find this article helpful? Compassion is the wish for others to be free from their suffering and the causes of suffering.

The other side is if we act and communicate and think based on positive qualities — like love, compassion, consideration for others — then we can see that this brings us more happiness, more satisfaction in life: Try to practice the positive attributes of love, compassion, and kindness in your everyday life.

We usually do that by just focusing quietly on our breath. Sometimes the leaves will fly in the wind together; sometimes they fly apart. All of that affects us. Compassion opens your heart. How are you going to get along with everybody else?

We can develop them more and more in a positive way.

The Importance of Love, Compassion, and Kindness

So bodhichitta is a state of — a situation, a condition — of our minds and our hearts which are aimed at this state of bodhi. We do it over and over again until we become good at it. This is what we do with meditation. What are these emotions? For this we have meditation.

The Importance of Love, Compassion and Bodhichitta

And it is brought on by very positive emotions. Compassion is ultimately the embodiment of the realisation that all life is one continuum, and that what benefits the authentic wellbeing of others also benefits ourselves.

In other words, rather than having the attitude with which we view this other person as horrible, we view them as: Similarly, the battle at the barricade is both heroic and futile—a few soldiers are killed, but the insurgents are slaughtered without achieving anything.

It is an unconditional practice. Compassion enables you to understand yourself and others more as you seek to relieve suffering.Self-compassion is the ability to turn understanding, acceptance, and love inward. Many people are able to extend compassion toward others but find it.

Compassion is not about attraction, or even about the enjoyment we might experience in the presence of someone we love romantically, or with whom we share an enduring friendship.

It’s not about desire, either—except, perhaps, the desire to. Jan 06,  · Sure, a doctor's medical knowledge and guidance is of utmost importance when you're receiving care for a condition such as cancer.

But what is also important is a doctor's compassion, which is the. The importance of compassion in healthcare and that compassion naturally brings out a great sense of love, care, dignity and grace to their. What is most important, of course, is our intention; we want to help others: How wonderful it would be if everybody could have freedom from their problems and the causes of these problems.

That’s what compassion is all about.

9 Powerful Benefits of Compassion

Compassion is the wish for others to be free from their suffering and the causes of mi-centre.comr: Alexander Berzin. The Importance of Love and Compassion In Les Misérables, Hugo asserts that love and compassion are the most important gifts one person can give another and that always displaying these qualities should be the most important goal in life.

The importance of love and compassion
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