Technology projects for middle school

10 Collaborative Technology Projects Your Students Will Love!

What is the character feeling? School Wide Use the computer lesson plans as a complete program for all students.

TechnoKids Computer Curriculum K-12 Technology Projects

Photo Story 3 is a free software download from Microsoft which enables users to create slideshows using your own digital pictures. Most of my students have no idea how much editing is done to photos.

To grab their attention, I show several examples of trailers and talk about persuasive advertising techniques. Computer Course Purchase several projects and use the computer lesson plans to create a course that meets learning objectives.

Animoto A free Animoto account lets students create second videos, which can be challenging! As such, I am always searching for new ideas to use in collaborating with my classroom teachers. Free Rice Have students make a difference by practicing their math, chemistry, anatomy, geography, foreign language, vocabulary, grammar, humanities and even for the SAT.

Technology Skill Select a project with computer lessons for a technology skill, such as spreadsheets. Weebly is a free site which allows users to create websites and blogs using widgets.

We had a few problems with students returning permission forms, forgetting passwords, and one group not working well together. Students must use their inference skills to depict an image.

Similar to movie trailers, a book trailer is a video advertisement for a book produced to encourage viewers to read it.

Students can go on Free Rice and calculate how much rice they donated as a group and create a graph to show their weekly results.

Curriculum Unit Select a project that has themed computer activities that integrate into a curriculum unit. If your classroom is far from a 1: You can follow her at http: Have students share a computer and agree on an image.

Showcased below are a few of the Web 2. Students created book trailers on their favorite fiction book to share. After our class discussion, I show students how the pros edit photos.Technology is a central part of life these days.

Help students better understand the importance of technology and how to use it appropriately with these high school project ideas. AWESOME middle school teacher's website-tons of great ideas and information Find this Pin and more on Middle School Technology by Meg Powers Perron.

a creative, innovative approach to curriculum design and instruction. Web Collaborative Projects in the Middle School I am the library media specialist for my school and part of my job is to assist my faculty with the integration of technology in the curriculum.

As such, I am always searching for new ideas to use in collaborating with my classroom teachers.

HTH Student Projects. These projects are examples of the work that is done at all of the High Tech High Schools. It is our record of what we have done and how to get there.

A middle school teacher shares the benefits of giving students voice and choice in their learning environment. Communication Skills More Talking in Class, Please.

TechnoKids Computer Curriculum is a set of theme-based technology projects that integrate the use of the computer into learning. Designed for K students, each technology project includes a teacher guide, student workbook, and customizable resource files.

Technology projects for middle school
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