Steven bantu bikos attitude towards negritude and black consciousness

Francis College, a Catholic boarding school in MariannhillNatal.

A lot of them are blokes I spoke into the movement. The basic tenet of Black Consciousness is that the Blackman must reject all value systems that seek to make him a foreigner in the country of his birth and reduce his basic human dignity.

He passed several exams, but had not completed the degree at his time of death. Biko argued that NUSAS merely sought to influence the white electorate; in his opinion, this electorate was not legitimate, and protests targeting a particular policy would be ineffective for the ultimate aim of dismantling the apartheid state.

He noted that white South Africans were poorly suited to this role because they had not personally experienced the oppression that their black counterparts faced. Biko was initially interested in studying law at university, but many of those around him discouraged this, believing that law was too closely intertwined with political activism.

Secondly, and this we regard as the most important, the black man in himself has developed a certain state of alienation, he rejects himself precisely because he attaches the meaning white to all that is good, in other words he equates good with white.

Biko acknowledged that his earlier "antiliberal" writings were "overkill", but said that he remained committed to the basic message contained within them. So many friends of mine have been arrested for activities in something that I was most instrumental in starting.

There, the black African members decided to hold a December conference to discuss the formation of an independent black student group.

This arises out of his living and it arises out of his development from childhood. One does not think this way in political life of course. They could not see why we could not consider staying in that church, and I began to feel that our understanding of our own situation in this country was not coincidental with that of these liberal whites.

The state claimed that Black Consciousness philosophy was likely to cause "racial confrontation" and therefore threatened public safety. I reject only the concept that black liberation can be achieved through the leadership of white liberals.

Stephen Bantu Biko

This is the definition of Black Consciousness. Biko and other black African delegates walked out of the conference in anger. They actively promoted the establishment of independent, black-owned institutions, and favored radical reforms within school curricula that nurtured a positive black identity for young people.

The first step therefore is to make the black man come to himself; to pump back life into his empty shell; to infuse him with pride and dignity, to remind him of his complicity in the crime of allowing himself to be mis-used and therefore letting evil reign supreme in the land of his birth.

Instead they convinced him to choose medicine, a subject thought to have better career prospects.

Begin to look upon yourself as a human being. Casualties are expected and should be bargained for.

Biko hoped to convince Woods to give the movement greater coverage and an outlet for its views. But in the course of that debate I began to feel there was a lot lacking in the proponents of the nonracist idea And yet I am not with them.

Inthe Constitutional Court ruled against the family, allowing the investigation to proceed.

Steve Biko

Both Khaya and Steve were arrested and interrogated by the police; the former was convicted, then acquitted on appeal. In case it has a rebound effect on them because they are white".

Many in the Black Consciousness Movement used this fist as a symbol. That is what we mean by an inward-looking process. During his ban, Biko asked for a meeting with Donald Woodsthe white liberal editor of the Daily Dispatch.

He is first of all oppressed by an external world through institutionalised machinery and through laws that restrict him from doing certain things, through heavy work conditions, through poor pay, through difficult living conditions, through poor education, these are all external to him.

I hated authority like hell.Stephen (Steve) Bantu Biko was a popular voice of Black liberation in South Africa between the mid s and his death in police detention in

Steven bantu bikos attitude towards negritude and black consciousness
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