Standardized and high stakes testing essay

For example, a person who fails a practical driving exam will not be able to drive a car legally, which means they cannot drive to work and may lose their job if alternative transportation options are not available.

However, tests fail to provide sufficient information. The rise of high-stakes standardized testing has taken place over many years with the support of politicians from both major parties. For example, a typical high-stakes licensing exam for a medical nurse determines whether the nurse can insert an I.

They can include multiple-choice or open-ended constructed responses. Many times, an inexpensive multiple-choice test is chosen for convenience. Some critics prefer continuous assessment instead of one larger test.

The test may not measure what the critic wants measured. High-stakes standardized testing focuses on a multiple-choice approach that ignores other qualities and skills that we want young people to develop. High Stakes Testing Overview: The result is that the student will be able to pass the test, but may be unable to park a car safely in some places.

Narrowing of curriculum and instruction happens most to low-income students.

For example, some people may want a high-school diploma to represent the verified acquisition of specific skills or knowledge, and therefore use a high-stakes assessment to deny a diploma to anyone who cannot perform the necessary skills.

For example, a test might purport to be a general reading-skills test, but it might actually determine whether or not the examinee has read a specific book. If they cannot demonstrate knowledge, they are assigned additional schooling, which can be internalized as a punishment.

For example, if a driving exam does not test parallel parking skills, then driving instructors may stop teaching that skill to a driving student, in favor of focusing instruction time on the material that will be tested, such as determining which vehicle has the right of way at a four-way stop.

Passing the exam can reduce tuition costs and time spent at university. High-stakes testing actively hurts, rather than helps, genuine educational improvement. People have a right to know how well schools are doing. Criticisms[ edit ] High-stakes tests, despite their extensive usage for determination of academic and non-academic proficiency, are subject to criticism for various reasons.For example, if test results are used to determine an important outcome, such as whether a student receives a high school diploma, the test would be considered a high-stakes test regardless of whether it’s a multiple-choice exam, an oral exam, or an essay exam.

Synthesis Essay on Standardized Testing Standardized testing in the United States started in the mid- ’s (Standardized Tests The Unintended Consequences of High Stakes Testing Since the beginning of the 20th century some form of high stakes standardized testing has existed in the United States.

Test use has ranged from determining.

High Stakes Testing

The Dangerous Consequences of High-Stakes Standardized Testing. Submitted by fairtest on December 17, - pm.

fact sheets; High-stakes testing produces teaching to the test. Writing becomes the "five-paragraph essay" that is useless except on standardized tests. Standardized Tests Essay. Standardized Testing: Socialism in Education.

High-stakes testing

system high-stakes standardized testing has resulted in a focus on extensive test preparation, as well as a large increase in the numbers of teachers cheating by alternating their students' test scores. Both these phenomena are a direct consequence of the incentives and.

IDEA is opposed to high-stakes standardized testing and the use of standardized testing as the main -- or only -- factor for making large decisions such as student graduation and assessment, teacher assessment, or assessment of an entire school. However, as the above articles indicate, high-stakes testing is not effective in measuring these.

However the “high stakes” focus on standardized testing is. The practices that accompany standardized testing have long been in debate.

The Dangerous Consequences of High-Stakes Standardized Testing

Those in favor of standardized testing will argue that the testing creates a system that increases grades and accountability among .

Standardized and high stakes testing essay
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