Long term care research papers

The state of many long-term care facilities is thus a cause for concern. There are some opponents to the Principlism theory; Regis University states, Although very influential in contemporary bioethics, principlism has been widely criticized on several counts.

Institutions can vary greatly, and they include nursing homes, hospices, and other institutional environments. It is therefore essential that great care and attention is taken to these issues. The professionals who work in long-term care facilities are also under a great deal of pressure especially as the US health care system comes under increasing scrutiny.

Long-Term Care: What Are the Issues?

Further, the NASW Code of Ethics does not specify which values, principles, and standards are most important and ought to outweigh others in instances when they conflict. Many families cannot bear to place a loved one into a nursing home or other care facility.

However, these residences are expensive. Elaborating Principlism beyond its medical context, this scientific approach suggests that caregiving ethics begins, initially, with a determination of the condition, an understanding of the situation or a recognition of the problem or conflict, coupled with respect for patient autonomy, followed by the application of the essential principles of beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice loyalty and fairness along with respect for the sanctity of the life of the one being cared for.

We discussed research design considerations for research needs. We used a deliberative process to identify specific research needs and research design considerations.

Larger sample sizes will allow more research on subpopulations, and longer followup times will allow a better understanding of how interventions may modify outcomes over time. It is the ADL assessment that determines whether a person can be cared for in the home, who will provide that care, the parameters of care, and the standards that must be adhered to.

But even if it doubles, that U. While home care is definitely a viable and important option, one has to take into account the level of care required and how best to provide it.

Children who are born with disabilities, people with severe mental health issuesyoung adults who acquire a disabling condition such as multiple sclerosis, and seniors all can require some form of long-term care. However, these services exist to provide important care functions in our communities.

Ethical Issues in Long Term Care

An ongoing problem for nursing homes as it is for health care in general is the acute shortage of qualified nurses Stoil, Institutions may be run by the private sector, the government, or faith-based services. Ethical decision-making in the framework of Principlism is meaningless unless all members of the eldercare provider team apply them with diligence and consistency.As the population ages and more people live longer with chronic conditions, who will pay for long-term care in the U.S., and how will services be delivered?

This paper was prepared by the Office of Social Services Policy (now the Office of Disability, Aging and Long-Term Care Policy) within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for the Under Secretary's Task Force on Long-Term Care.

Working Papers

- This paper will review the many aspects of long-term care problems and many challenges there are within Long-Term care.

We will look at rising costs within long-Term Care, patient abuse, will look at the quality of life, shortages of nurses and demand that the elderly are putting on the medical field.

Provide an evidence base for counseling parents of high-risk neonates about the biopsychosocial impact of providing long-term care. A review of the effects of long-term care on families of high-risk neonates.

Download Full Paper November The Economic Burden of Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenditures Before and After Implementation of the Medicare Prescription Drug Program.

Long-Term Care: The Impact of the Elderly Providing accessible, affordable, and high-quality long-term care services to an aging population presents a growing challenge to long-term care providers.

Long term care research papers
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