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Although Alternative B would be my decision since it is obvious that the husband was driving under the influence and abusing his wife, to follow the law, alternative A is the correct course of action. Claimant Obligation owed to thePerspective What does the claimant hope will happen?

I would choose to proceed with option A. Kant Is the intent of this action free from vested interest or ulterior yes no motive? As with most topics, you simply have to choose material that suits the level of your students to ensure that everything goes smoothly and students understand the lesson.

Are at that place regulations. Also, the wife may still be a subject of his domestic violence.

Law Enforcement Worksheet Essay Sample

The officers believed Law enforcement worksheet essay individual was driving under the influence. There are excellent instructions included with the worksheet but you are going to have to take some time beforehand to talk about crime related vocabulary such as forgery so that students understand the questions they are being asked.

Kant no no Is the purpose of this action free from vested involvement or subterranean motivation? Law enforcement officers would prefer to collar the single alternatively of giving him a warning.

From the perspective of the moral agent—the individual contemplating an ethical course of action—what obligation is owed to the claimant? Identify the issue succinctly. Alternative A Alternative B Warn the husband- Talk to the husband and wife separately and offer to help them get into AA and DM classes and seek treatment for alcoholism.

Law enforcement officers would prefer to arrest the individual instead of giving him a warning. Ethical Decision Making 7.

Ethical Dilemma Worksheet Essay Sample

Even though the officers are doing the right thing, if the husband decides to go back driving, he can harm others. What is the ethical issue or problem? State the regulation or rule and bespeak if it invalidates or supports the option.

Include any of import possible economic. The officers do non hold adequate cogent evidence for either job they face. If the officers arrest the hubby for domestic force. Are there rules, laws, the context of the United States, refers to alternative. Include any important potential economic, social, or political pressures, and exclude inconsequential facts.

Law enforcement officers are here to enforce the law and arrest those who are breaking the law. Identify the issue compactly.

If the officers arrest the husband on their faith that the case will stick they can risk disciplinary actions. Giving the hubby a warning and options to acquire aid might discourage the offense.

Respond to the following questions based on your developed alternatives. See each ethical guideline and explicate whether it would back up or reject your alternate.

Guidelines based on the action itself Alternative A Alternative B Should this alternative become a rule or policy that everyone in this situation should follow in similar situations in the future?

What are the officers to make when there preparation and experience is stating them that the person was imbibing and driving and the operator indicated the domestic force has taken topographic point? The prosecutor who has previously reviewed the report noticed the discrepancy and the alterations that had been made by Nixon.

If the officers arrest the husband for domestic violence, the case will also be thrown out because they did not witness an assault and there are no visible injuries. When he officers arrived, they saw the husband stumbling into the house and dropped something which looked like car keys.

His actions can taint the invalid? The husband will be removed from the wife and she will no longer be subject to his abuse. If the officers arrest the hubby on their religion that the instance will lodge they can put on the line disciplinary actions.

He can understand that fighting is partner can lead him to time in prison and he can even lose the right to carry a gun. Wife Non-Injury Beneficence The married woman does non necessitate the officers aid.

Guidelines based on consequences Alternative A Alternative B Is the good that results from this alternative outweighed by the potential harm that might be done to others? The rule is to help the individual or principles that make the how and why laws are enforced.Quiz & Worksheet - The Job of a Police Detective Quiz; Which member of law enforcement is usually tasked with investigating crimes and gathering evidence?

These interactive learning. Free Essays; Essay Communication Law Worksheet; Essay Communication Law Worksheet. Communication in Law Enforcement Discussion Board 2 Liberty University CJUS B07 Ray Kirby How can communication be improved in an organization that is structured in a traditional bureaucratic form?

More about Essay Communication Law Worksheet. Ethical Dilemma Worksheet Essay Sample. The whole doc is available only for registered users OPEN DOC. Pages: Word count: The problem is before the law enforcement officer can make an arrest there has to be a clear sign of probable cause if an officer neglects to find probable cause before arresting the individual when the trial comes along.

"Ethical Dilemma Worksheet Law Enforcement Scenario" Essays and Research Papers. Ethical Dilemma Worksheet Law Enforcement Scenario University of Phoenix Material Ethical Dilemma Worksheet Incident Review 1.

What is the ethical issue or problem? Identify the issue succinctly. Free Essay: The Ethical Dilemma of a Police Officer Professions are guided by codes of ethics to aid them in performance of their duties and to ensure. Law enforcement lesson plans and worksheets from thousands of teacher-reviewed resources to help you inspire students learning.

In this British law enforcement worksheet, students learn why police had such difficulty tracking down and capturing 'Jack the Ripper' in the Whitechapel murders of In this contract law lesson, 11th.

Law enforcement worksheet essay
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