Justice in v for vendetta essay

Although after Evey is released from her imprisonment we see her standing in the rain with her hands up in the air, as an act of freedom. Evey is being used as a representative of general society, because not only does Evey change but society changes to become less fearful of the government and to not let them control them.

At this moment we also see when V was released from Larkhill Detention Centre, when he is stood with his hands up in the air, also showing freedom. We see this through the use of cross cutting. This shows us that Evey and V have more in common than the beginning of the film, that they have both gained freedom, but also lost fear of being controlled by the government, making Evey a much stronger and Justice in v for vendetta essay character.

The use of editing is make the viewer realise it not only connects characters, but it also connects the film to real life history.

V for Vendetta Essay - Part 2

The viewer begins to get the full depth of the film such as Norsefire, the government party in power is linked to the Nazi party, and how they both controlled their people, and led them by fear.

During the film Evey is imprisoned and tortured, and near the end of this imprisonment she is told that if she does not pass information about the whereabouts of V then she shall be killed. This first establishes a connection between the two characters.

We see that Evey is afraid but not entirely obedient. V not only died fighting for Valerie and the justice she deserved, but also for freedom. This shows that Evey is in shock that he does not fear the finger men, which she believed everyone does, just like she does.

At the start of the film, we see Evey getting ready to go out after curfew but we also see V getting ready to go out after curfew too due to the use of cross cutting.

During the film we see a character named Evey develop as a person. At the beginning she is fearful, vein and scared. This is also showing the use of costume in the film. Meaning he died for a greater good.

Such as when we see the cross cutting of Larkhill, we begin to think about the holocaust during World War Two. This is also shown when V dies so that the people of London can have a better future, with a government which is not led by dictators and controlled in their day to day lives, but rather a future where they can step forward and have freedom.

We do not see how Evey and V have much in common though as it is clear that V is not afraid of the government and what they may do to him if he is caught after curfew.

She is afraid of them because the finger men often kill people. The director has used cross cutting in the film to show the connections between characters.

The cross cutting is also almost relating to parts of history.- V for Vendetta is a rather graphic novel written by Alan Moore in the late 's. The novel takes place in an alternate-reality; one in which Britain is ruled by a fascist government rules over Britain, and the rest of the world.

Nov 25,  · V for Vendetta Essay The highly debated precincts of post colonialism, contrary to popular belief can in fact be applied to the James McTeigue film, V for Vendetta, which conforms to and yet penetrates the expanses of the genre, using a masked megalomaniac rebelling against a futuristic totalitarian authority.

The plot of V for Vendetta is an interesting story.

The film takes place in Great Britain, which does not have the same form of Government that we do in America. Although it does not have the same government, it exposes lessons.

V for Vendetta - Justice and revenge essay 1.

for ing e Aim enc cell Ex Power and Control / Justice and Revenge Essays 2. Essays you could answer with this content: • Describe at least ONE conflict in the text(s). V for Vendetta conveys justice as fairness. V for Vendetta is a film based on a graphic novel written by Alan Moore and David Lloyd in Through the plot and motifs presented in the film, we gain insights into the idea of justice.

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Justice in v for vendetta essay
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