How hotels can promote a more

Creative Ideas to Improve a Hotel Business

Giveaways and promotions also help build brand loyalty and show potential customers that you are worth following. Here are two ways you can give your profile pictures and cover photos a little holiday cheer!

Purchase plants that are native to your area aka Naturescape and Xeriscape.

5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Hotel, Restaurant or Bar

Instead of relying on these codes to just promote an offer, you can offer information about events, attractions, shops and restaurants in the area, adding value to the guest experience.

Insulate hot water pipes. If you offer discounts too often, people will almost expect it and avoid spending money with you unless they can get a fantastic deal.

It connects them to the people that bring the hotel alive. Recycling and Waste Provide guest room recycler baskets for newspaper, paper, glass, aluminum, cardboard, metal and plastic.

Whenever possible, buy food and guest amenities in bulk i. Want more social media advice throughout the year? A restaurant in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for example, has one menu in rotation from when it originally opened its doors back in Thanks for subscribing to the SiteMinder industry newsletter.

Even with a damp, a lot of heat flows up chimneys in the winter. Write A Holiday Message Add text and ribbon overlays to your images to wish all your followers good tidings during the season.

Guests appreciate an insider view into what companies are really like. Use the ads to highlight any fun seasonal events happening at the hotel and any holiday deals you might be offering guests that stay during set dates. Create an incentive program to encourage your staff to participate in and improve upon environmentally-friendly practices.

What they need to thrive and some basic care tips. By taking the time to send personalised and relevant communications, guests will feel valued and want to book with you. For roofs, use recommended levels of insulation or, in hot and sunny climates, radiant barriers.

Place cups and mugs upside down on paper doilies instead of covering opening with a plastic wrapping. Food Services If your hotel has a restaurant, consider transitioning it into a Certified Green Restaurant.

Track energy, water and waste use monthly through an internal tracking system or through Energy Star Portfolio Manager waste tracking feature. Take advantage of peak periods Guests are more likely to look for rooms in the run-up to peak periods, so use this time to remind them why they should book with you with holiday-themed emails, special discounts and personalised incentives.

Do you have a big staff holiday party every year? Take advantage of these 5 tips to humanize your property and inspire people not only follow you, but stay with you during the season.

By setting up unique targeting, your ads will more effectively reach people traveling this holiday season. If doing a building upgrade, consider starting with retrocommissioning.

You could create an unconventional pricing structure to build renewed interest in your hotel. Is there a tree lighting, a carol sing along, or a chance to help out at a homeless shelter? Sign up for the Blue Magnet email list for the latest news in hotel marketing!

Provide reusable items such as cloth napkins, glass cups, silver wear, ceramic dishes, etc. Reimbursement Another novel idea, this one coming from Loews Hotels, is to offer reimbursement for the fees that guests pay airlines for their checked bags.

You could then offer a voucher for a second visit to encourage repeat custom.6 ways to promote your hotel and increase revenue with email marketing. Posted 2 January in Digital Marketing. Share this. Shares; hotels can also look to take simple steps to plan for their guests For more advice on how to promote your hotel and get more bookings with effective marketing strategies download the SiteMinder.

Driving food & beverage sales with measurable increases can be achieved with simple tactics to promote a restaurant available to big budgets and shoestring marketers alike. is a leading online accommodation site. We’re passionate about travel. Every day we inspire and reach millions of travelers across 90 local websites in 41 languages.

Nov 14,  · Typical water-saving measures can reduce operating costs at hotels by as much 11%, the EPA estimates. For even greater water savings — and to promote an eco-friendly image — some hotels are. Trip Advisor's GreenLeader program can help promote your work. Additional certification programs: green hotel certification programs and a list of certifiers (Green Lodging News).

Provide yearly staff training on green practices throughout the buildings and grounds and post informational posters in break rooms and guest areas. With hotels, you could “geofence” airports or convention centers in your city to send a message to people, telling them of your services. QR Codes Staying with handheld devices, hotels can also use quick response codes to improve business.

How hotels can promote a more
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