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The Chi-Omega Chapter at the University of South Carolina raises money annually for the Ray Tanner Foundation, which benefits economically and medically disadvantaged children in South Carolina, and the Columbia metropolitan area.

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It portrayed university officials as insensitive and unresponsive to the plight of the Frat files, who was identified only as Jackie, and suggested that the attack was emblematic of a culture of sexual violence at the Frat files public university.

The Endowment Fund assists with the educational and leadership programming at each Conclave and Leadership Conference. Fraternity and Sorority Gifts for the Whole Chapter Many items in our robust selection of Greek clothing can be ordered with a bulk discount to help save your chapter big bucks.

The Greater Cause program is designed to record the activities and reinforce the concept that Kappa Sigma members should play an active role in their communities.

The Star and Crescent shall not be worn by every man, but only by him who is worthy to wear it. Ryan Burke, 21, of Scranton, was the first of more than 20 defendants to plead guilty to four counts of hazing and five alcohol violations in the death of engineering student Tim Piazza in February Tim Piazza, a sophomore engineering student at Penn State, died after drinking a dangerous amount of alcohol and suffered fatal head and abdominal injuries in a series of falls during a party by Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

Also, based in the international headquarters are the Area Recruitment Managers ARMwho are in charge of recruitment goals and provide assistance to chapters in their respective service area. Your posh pup will love our Greek pet apparel. Additional discrepancies led Rolling Stone to commission an examination by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, which said in a blistering report that Rolling Stone failed at virtually every step, from the reporting by Erdely to an editing process that included high-ranking staffers.

The Brothers in Action program begins with the "BIA for Pledges program" and continues throughout your involvement with Kappa Sigma, including opportunities for personal growth and development at the various leadership conferences and conclaves.

General fraternity While most activities of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity occur at the undergraduate chapters, the Fraternity oversees four international programs or campaigns.

He must be a gentleman These five founders became collectively known as the "Five Friends and Brothers". Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship and Service. Typically, districts are composed of all the Kappa Sigma chapters and colonies within a State or Province, or a portion of a State or Province.

Rustam Nizamutdinova, an undergraduate engineering student from Uzbekistanwas walking down a street when he was struck by a car driven by a Kappa Sigma pledge who fell asleep at the wheel.

The pledge was severely sleep deprived due to his illegal and strenuous pledging process.

He was tagged ‘Scumbag of the Week.’ Now, the frat member is suing over injuries | Miami Herald

AP Court documents say Burke was an active participant in the bid acceptance night events at the fraternity, including providing alcohol to Piazza and others who had just signed up as pledges.

Denious who would later become Worthy Grand Master struck upon the idea to establish a charitable endowment for Kappa Sigma. Brothers in Action BIA is the "official membership development program of Kappa Sigma Fraternity" which seeks both individual and chapter development through goal setting and through emphasizing the four cornerstones of Kappa Sigma: We often offer awesome promotions, including coupon codes and great sales, to help you keep the crew looking classy without breaking the chapter budget.We cannot say our fraternity name or letters for obvious reasons so online we call ourselves FraternityX.

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FILE - This Nov. 9,file photo shows the shuttered Beta Theta Pi fraternity house on Penn State University's main campus in State College, Pa.

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Former members of the fraternity are due in court for a preliminary hearing on charges related to the February death of a. View hundreds of Frat videos on our free gay tube.

A Florida State University fraternity has been suspended and is under investigation for alleged hazing after a student suffered a fractured skull. Max Gruver's parents file $25 million lawsuit against LSU after son's death.

Updated fraternity members left Max, unconscious, on a couch," the lawsuit says. Gruver was still unconscious the.

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