Energy drinks persuasive

Studies have shown that those who frequently drink the stimulant caffeine have been known to have reduced serotonin levels. In one study, bar patrons who consumed alcohol mixed with energy drinks were 3x more likely to leave a bar highly intoxicated and Energy drinks persuasive 4x more likely to intend to drive while intoxicated than those who did not consume alcohol mixed with energy drinks.

A depletion of this hormone has been linked to low mood, anxiety and depression. Asking patients about energy drink consumption should become routine for physicians, particularly when interpreting vital signs in the acute setting.

Too much caffeine can cause chronic stress and tachycardia. Thre is no kind of warning that distinguishes them from other liquids. However, given bitter orange is usually combined with other stimulants, the true pharmacologic profile, and consequent adverse effects, may not be clear.

Saturday, March 7, Essay on Energy Drinks should be Banned A few months ago, the analytical and research agency Packaged Facts PF noted a sharp increase in the demand for energy drinks.

Your heart, liver, brain, digestive tract and kidneys are all working as if you are in a flight or fight situation and ultimately get drained from all the work. Too much caffeine has been known to cause jitters and the chronic stress, and a racing heart from massive amounts of caffeine is not all that comforting either.

Persuading College Students to Avoid Energy Drinks

After energy drink consumption, participants experienced a 6. Caffeine is believed to be the most harmful ingredient in energy drinks; a single can or bottle contains anything from around 80 mg of caffeine to more than mg.

Second, energy drinks can cause not only bad behavior but can lead to bad health and safety. They conclude that further studies are warranted to determine whether the changes in blood pressure and norepinephrine identified are likely to increase cardiovascular risk.

So, energy drinks have ingredients that can hurt your health. Energy drinks - marketed as beverages that can boost physical and mental performance - are growing in popularity, particularly among adolescents and young adults in the US.

Many people are choosing to consume energy drinks regularly because of the caffeine and vitamin content they contain. In general caffeine has a reasonable safety profile at moderate doses. Researchers found that a single can of Energy drinks persuasive drink increased blood pressure and stress hormone responses among young adults.

A natural source of epinephrine-like compounds, it shares the same adverse effect profile, with links to serious events such as syncopeheart attackscolitisand stroke. Some energy drinks have a greater amount of caffeine than what is written on the label.

In some of them is known that contain on average 15 spoons of caffeine. Initially envisioned for athletes, energy drinks are now marketed mainly towards teens and young adults, where uptake has been dramatic.

My precious coffee effectively has a single therapeutic ingredient, caffeine. Consumers age years, men, Hispanics, Pacific region residents, and adults with children in the household are demographics that over index in energy drink usage.

Since toxicity levels begin to present themselves at just mg, many people could be destroying their bodies from the inside out. In addition, the caffeine content in the energy drinks can range from milligrams to milligrams of caffeine in a ounce can.

Taxes organs Another danger of energy drinks is that they can be taxing on your organs. For example, it appears the kids who are heavily into drinking energy drinks are more likely to be the ones who are inclined towards taking risk.

By putting age limits on these drinks, there would be less drunk teens, teens hospitalized from drinking too much energy drinks, and less aggressive behavior. Instead of relying on sugar and caffeine to help you to reach the busy day, try to walk or drink only water for long lasting energy.

The level where someone starts to have caffeine toxicity symptoms is usually about mg. Anna Svatikova, a cardiology fellow at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and colleagues found that young adults who consumed one ounce energy drink showed a rise in blood pressure and an increase in stress hormone responses within 30 minutes, which may raise cardiovascular risk.

Consequently, I will argue that energy drinks should have age limits on them.

21 Significant Energy Drink Consumption Statistics

Insomnia While you might like the sudden surge of energy and vigor when you are trying to make it through a tiresome afternoon, it is not so helpful when you are ready to turn in for the night. It also seems to improve the effectiveness of analgesics, and may possibly have its own analgesic properties.

Several senators and House members said they intend to restrict or even ban the sale of the caffeinated beverages.Therefore, energy drinks can cause lots of trouble for the kids drinking them. Second, energy drinks can cause not only bad behavior but can lead to bad health and safety. Instead of relying on sugar and caffeine to help you to reach the busy day, try to walk or drink only water for long lasting energy.

These are negative sides of drinking energy drinks.

Energy Drinks Persuasive Essay

Stress and nervousness. One of most important reasons why you should quit to drink energy drinks is the fact that can cause increasing of nervousness and stress. Review opinions on the online debate Energy Drinks are BAD for you. Such drinks can cause you to lose out on deep and restful sleep at night so that you end up turning to it again the next day.

Quit the cycle and get energy in more natural, safe ways through workout, water and healthy snacks.

Energy Drinks

Cost. These days people are pretty much strapped for cash. Energy drinks can end up costing you up to $ per year or.

A single energy drink could harm heart health for young adults

Energy Drinks Essay Examples. 5 total results. An Analysis of the Description of the Mass Appeal of Energy Drinks to Students. words. 1 page. Energy Drinks: History and Risks. words. 2 pages. A Study of the Effects of Energy Drinks on Physical and Mental Fitness of the Human Body.

14 Reasons Not To Drink Energy Drinks

staff pick. In comparison, energy drinks are a bewildering category of products with an array of ingredients including caffeine, amino acids, vitamins, and other “natural” substances and assorted “nutraceuticals,” usually in a sugar-laden vehicle (though sugar .

Energy drinks persuasive
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