Conflict is born of ignorance intolerance and fear essay

They may be excluded, scorned and humiliated or even tortured. John already knew of her desire for him and realizes that her jealousy towards his wife is the basis of this accusation.

Abigail was lying and only wanted John for herself.

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Other times the costs are too high to pay? Fear is the primarily instigator of conflict and demolishes any of the good conscience and humanity displayed by the characters. Often we must remain neutral, even though there are problems.

For example disabled comedian Stella Young was often singled out for ridicule because of her difference and she was the butt of crude jokes. There were the high authoritarians, whose rules and words were trusted and there were those that had no sense of authority such as the victims.

Conflict has only negative effects on individuals. According to the church, this theory was blasphemous goes against God and the Inquisitor and the church insist that he recant his views.

The Yankees and Red Sox and their fans are rival teams in the same sport, trying to play against each other on the same playing field. If we listen to them, then they may be more open to listening to our own alternative perspective. When the "product" is similar, there is competition. It is through conflict that we grow.

Buddhism and Shintofor instance, in Japan peacefully coexist mostly because they are just concerned with entirely different things. A belief in interference… Sometimes we seek to resolve conflict in ways that are impractical or simply serve to escalate the violence.

In this case powerful social, political and religious institutions may react brutally as they seek to defend traditional and conservative views and values. Many people seek to resolve conflict by sticking to the truth.

Less obvious victims — perpetrators who suffer in guilt-ridden ways. April 09, They say it is another McCarthy-style probe.

Depending upon the nature of conflict it may escalate from personal to public or from public to personal problems. Galileo hopes that if he continues his work quietly he will be unnoticed by the authorities.

Evidently, sometimes we get involved and it is to our detriment, proving that some conflicts are better if people do not interfere. Often this clash leads to violent threats and personal or professional smear campaigns; this involves a high degree of pain, grief and suffering on behalf of notable individuals such as Galileo.

AS the Editor states, it is important to show moral courage and to take a stand against discrimination and confront prejudice. Many honourable citizens in Salem adhere to the truth and refuse to confess to the claim that they were trafficking with the devil.

Naturally, the people in those other religions are just as passionate about their religion and that makes for some serious arguing and even fighting conflict. Strangely, we often act out of character or do uncharacteristic or unexpected things or act in a contradictory manner.

We grow through conflict Ideally, we grow through conflict, but this is not always the case. Identify a person who is both powerful and powerless: He is someone who values the sensuality and physical nature of life. During times of conflict, victims suffer either physically or psychologically, or often both.

Those who are unwilling to negotiate and pursue a hard-line approach often exacerbate the conflict and it breeds fear, resentment and brutality. Perhaps because they are simply ignorant of how much they really have in common!

Sometimes it makes us more determined, simply because ….An essay donated by Laura E. Shulman Religious Intolerance: Causes and Solutions. Some observations Ignorance often leads to fear, fear can lead to hate, and hate can lead to violence.

Knowledge is the key to avoid going down this path. Conflict between people of different religions may begin with simple ignorance. People who do not. Prejudices are the chains forged by ignorance to keep people apart.

Countess of Blessington: Ignorance is not bliss--it is oblivion. Philip Wylie: The first reason for people's slavery is our ignorance, and above all, our ignorance of ourselves.

Notes from the Life of Galileo

Get an answer for 'Does conflict come from fear?' and find homework help for other Social Sciences questions at eNotes it was again the same story of political and military conflict born of. Apr 09,  · Author Topic: Essay Topics Megathread (Read times) Tweet Share. "Conflict Is Born Of Ignorance And Fear" Essays and Research Papers Conflict Is Born Of Ignorance And Fear Conflict is a word used to describe a state of discomfort, anger, frustration, sadness or pain that arises from a struggle to resist or overcome a condition of opposition, antagonism or discord.

The three main upbringing causes that lead to conflict are ignorance, intolerance and fear, which can be demonstrated in “The Crucible”, written by Arthur Miller.

Conflict is born of ignorance intolerance and fear essay
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