Career and college research project

Limit the presentation to minutes. To plan several goals for possible careers To integrate technology into a speech To research a possible career of interest Materials: Create a montage of pictures and clippings that may be displayed during your oral presentation.

Research 4-The research was flawless and thoroughly supported the project. Use excellent papers from your current class to use as models for Career and college research project classes.

Once you have researched your career you need to move to the planning stages. Help your students prepare for and think about their future with these lesson plans meant to motivate and inspire. Students are asked to describe their personality, interests and values and how these personal qualities affect their career choice.

You will need to thoroughly explain why the goals are important to you. If you work in a community college, it is also a good time to have guest speakers from nearby four-year colleges to talk about transfer requirements.

Career Preparation Amount of years of college and or job training needed: The more effort and honesty you put into this project the more you will gain from it. Varies according to the scoring guide.

The project could not be heard at all. Teachers can have students write out their report in a final copy format and assess that as well. They generally consider this as a compliment.

Are you going to work a job to put yourself through school?

How are you going to get a job? Hypothetically pretend you have followed your plans and you have now achieved your dream job. Students should select three careers on which they would like to complete additional research.

Please follow the guidelines carefully as you walk your way toward your future career. These plans should bear in mind your short and midrange goals through high school graduation. Do the best you can on this requirement. When students have found the information for three careers, they need to prepare a report that they will share as a presentation.

However, some do not know what they want to do. It is located at the end of the chapter in the printed edition and integrated into the online edition. I would want to know specifically where you would want to go to college and why.

Students then take turns being interviewed. Midrange Goal--This should be a goal of yours for the next four years. This will be a goal that takes place within the next ten years.

Job Description Describe the day-to-day duties and tasks that are required of the job. Students need to practice presenting their reports as homework. This is a point where students are left with the question; "What am I going to do now?

They should give the facts about the other jobs and why the other two jobs are not a good fit for them.

Your next step is to organize your short to midrange planning. This project requires you to develop a minimum of three goals. This project will be a minute oral presentation.

Interview a person that has the career you are seeking. You need to research a career that you may wish to pursue. This interview should be described in your oral presentation.1 Sample career project paper Upon graduation from college, graduates should clearly have an idea of what they plan to do with their futures.

Many career options exist for today's political science majors. Teachers can use this real-world project to allow students to research possible jobs and then present their findings to the class.

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They will have a well-researched answer to the question when they present. Career Preparation. Amount of years of college and or job training needed: on the job training, one year certificate, Associate's Degree. List a few career choices given that fit your personality and may interest you. Step 2: Research Careers Choose 4 career options that you believe would fit your likes and personality best and create/fill in a chart that represents the following.

College/Career Research and Planning.

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There are a variety of factors that you need to consider when determining the colleges, technical/trade schools, or military branches that you would like to apply to such as size and location to campus life and programs of study to placement services and internship opportunities.

CAREER RESEARCH PROJECT. AMERICAN SCHOOL COUNSELOR ASSOCIATION’S DOMAIN: Career Development. If the college you choose does not have tuition information, the Education Costs Classroom Ready Curriculum: Middle School Career Research Project Author: California Career Resource Network (CA.

Career Research At about the age of twelve, I was sure that my career path would be in the medical field, specifically some type of physician.

I had a natural interest and a fitting personality type that would take me far in the field.

Career and college research project
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