An argument that we should cherish our childrens freedom of talk

He supported all his argument with a sympathetic personal experience, but that was not everyones experience. The current education system gives room for students to be creative.

I would like to say that Americas way of education makes students think and express their own opinions; this is the good way to develop students thinking, and this method is effective in education.

Consequently, every student should be encouraged by teachers to be creative and memorize every single thing. When Ho was young he always had to memorize things, such as all the major cities in the world, lines from Hamlet, and a lot of math formulas.

But rather liked it that way and also felt just the opposite as Ho did. My experience shows that it is indeed true that there are people who have no regard for the American education system. He himself was really impressed by the way American school offered many different opportunities to the students to do whatever they wanted.

In one, instance, I remember my teacher of art showing my drawing of a mermaid to the class.


Ho shows that American education tends to teach young children to develop their own creativity more, rather than trying to fill their brain with knowledge, like a can of sausage. The art class, especially, fun.

Why we Should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to ...

But through the essay I found Hos argument more ineffective than effective. Ho concentrated on an aspect of creativity and practical basic fundamentals of USAs education.

I believe that the American education system is adequate in its delivery of the curriculum. When I was 10 and living in Los Angeles, I was in a public school that gave us room for creativity.

The work was on display at the Laguna Beach Museum of Art, and the author was impressed with the transformations the children had made on simple paper Ho, The class gave me room to express my ideas creatively. An delighted experience was very closely related to the way Ho admires that the public school had provided these children with opportunities and direction to fulfill their creativity.

The author illustrates this by describing the artwork of school children, which involved a lot of creativity.

In conclusion, Hos argument had some points effective and some ineffective. It was the weirdest and unusual bug in the world.

These include both the Americans themselves as well as the immigrants. The essay consists mainly of the personal experience of Ho and his son in American school. Complaints include the idea that the system fails to equip students with a good foundation in languages and mathematics.

This is done in an attempt to ensure that children learn math at an advanced level than that of America Ho, In contrast, his son in California learned everything through experiences, for example, when he was six he had to draw a map from his home to school and label every streets and building that he passed.

More essays like this: I remember when I was in elementary school I had to memorize the multiplication table, because I could not use the calculator to solve problems on the math test, so in order to do the test I had to memorize the multiplication tables by heart.

This will go long way in ensuring that few people complain about the American education system. The author illustrates the positive changes to this education system by a comparison of the education system during her time, and the current education system in America.

This experience relates to the essay because, it gives emphasis to the importance of creativity for a child.

The fact that it gives children room for creativity shows that it values child development and freedom.

We should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to Think Essay Sample

Ho supports his argument about creativity and memorization very carefully, but it was not based on sufficient research. In the future, however, I believe that it should undergo reforms to make it even better in its curriculum delivery.

If it were not important, then it would not still exists today. I believe memorization in an important part of our education system.Analysis of “We should cherish our children’s freedom to think” “We Should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to Think” is written by Kie Ho and expresses his belief of the education in the US.

Professor Lovering English 11M 7 February Article Summary/Response 2: Kie Ho, “We Should Cherish our Children’s Freedom to Think” In “We Should Cherish our Children’s Freedom to Think,” Kie Ho argues that the education that are being taught today, children have choices in what they are interested in, and the manners they show are taken lightly.

Why we Should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to share 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 It is very easy for a person without adequate knowledge regarding an education system to criticize it. Response to “We Should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to Think” by Kie Ho Words Jan 14th, 3 Pages We read the article, “We Should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to Think” last week.

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An argument that we should cherish our childrens freedom of talk
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