1 news channels a substitute compliment for newspapers

With a compound annual growth rate CAGR of For the five attributes regarding listeners of news on news channels, the values of Kaiser-Mayor-Olkin KMOthe measure of sampling adequacy is 0.

Demographics of the Respondents The data were collected on three demographics of cable connection users, i. Among the various categories ofnews, bollywood news is watched more on news channels followed by bussiness and stock news.

People, who use both, spend less time listening to news channels than reading news in newspapers. Newspapers are also considered as signs of upward mobility, giving Indians cultural luster.

But the evidence is scarce; only a few studies specifically look at the impact of online newspapers.

Survey method of data collection was adopted for the purpose.

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Reliability test Table Null hypothesis is accepted in this case and it is concluded that there is no associationbetween year of accessing cable network and listening news on news channels. Of these, about 50 million receive cable television services.

The questionnaire was completed by a convenience sample of people in offices and markets located in Faridabad. Print newspapers are also taking advantage of the relatively low Internet penetration. For the five attributes towards readers of newspapers, the values of Kaiser-Mayor-Olkin KMO ,the measure of sampling adequacy is 0.

India is ready to embrace and grow along with the changes the industry is undergoing globally. It means that there is no association between profession of the respondents and watching news on news channels. Frequency distribution presented in Table 1 indicates that The hypothesis constructed is as follows: However, as there are still some facts in the news, it is usually better to read them to keep the information up-to-date.

From the data presented in Table 15, it can be inferred that,both the mediums are prefered for general news ,news channels are prefered more for business and stock news and news papers are an important source for editorials. Another example might be the notorious Doomsday theory.

Furthermore, they regard printed newspapers and television as better suited for their information needs.

tv vs. newspapers

There are very few people who read either read only news paper or watch only news channels for news. Percentage of people watching television for new People watching news on TelevisionPercentage Yes 93 Online newspapers do not seem to diminish the use of other media or the time spent on them though.

In conclusion, I do not always believe in newspaper as for its stories being partial and sometimes hoaxes. And while publishers rejoice over circulation numbers, many editors are seeking more qualified and experienced journalists.

Based on the tests of above discussed five hypotheses, it can be inferred that watching news on news channels is not associated with time spent on televisionnumber of years of using cable connection, age, profession, and educational background of the respondents.

The first objective is to find out how many people out of the selected population, have cable connection and watch news on television. For readers of newspaper, the highest mean score is for availability followed by convenience, habit, local news and handy. International media giants are all vying for a stake in the segment.

There is no association between educational background and listening news on news channels As it is evident from Table 5, the respondents who are accessing cable connection for more than six years are more regular in listening news on news channels. Association between listening news on news channel and other characteristics of respondents This section includes the data analysis regarding impact of characteristics of respondents such as i number of years of cable network usage, ii time spent on television, iii age group, iv educational background, v Profession—on news channel usage for listening news by the respondents.

There is no association between age of the respondents and news listening on news channels Null Hypothesis 4 H0: It is lower than tabulated value of It indicates that there is on association between time spent on watching television and listening news on internet.Online Newspapers: A Substitute or Complement for Print Newspapers and Other Information Channels?

We investigate the relation between using online newspapers and other media channels, and look into the usefulness of online newspapers for different types of information compared to their offline counterparts and other information channels.

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For another percent, the online news media acts as a complement rather than as a substitute. And percent of Americans have shown no change in their news consumption habits. A percent shift is significant, but it scarcely represents a disruptive migration to online media.

But should we be concerned about that? So far, visiting online newspapers does not seem to be a substitute for reading traditional newspapers. But the evidence is scarce; only a few studies specifically look at the impact of online newspapers".

Consider news: for younger consumers, online newspapers seem to substitute for printed newspapers, whereas for older consumers, they seem to have a complementary effect on the use of other media (De Waal et al., ).

The term " consumption episode " (Dhar and Simonson,p. MOST POPULAR "you cannot believe a word you read in newspapers" discuss ESSAYS AND PAPERS at #1 "you cannot believe a word you read in newspapers" discuss ESSAYS COLLECTION ONLINE.

1 news channels a substitute compliment for newspapers
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